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Constructing the new porn aesthetic – DIY with ISM

Obviously the most useful consequence of advances in digital camera technology is the ease in which it is now possible to post pictures of your naked parts all over the internet. But if Flickr and Facebook’s unreasonably stringent no arse-posting policies are keeping your nakidity from the appreciative audience it deserves, the solution is thoughtfully provided by the ever obliging folk over at Project ISM.

Ostensibly an erotic art project, the site features a massive archive of photographic self-portraiture, – over 1400 naked ladies have thus far had their finger on the trigger – and the results are raw, intimate, sometimes artful, frequently hilarious and more than occasionally, candidly explicit.

5 cool things about ISM:

1. The frequent and unexpected guest appearances by pets.
2. The girl who nudes up in an airplane bathroom 30,000 feet over antarctica
3. Public transport nudity
5. Witnessing practical applications for barbie dolls that mattel almost certainly never intended
6. Educational and informative demonstrations of female bodily functions

With over 10 years worth of archived images, can ishotmyself undoubtedly boast the worlds most extensive collection of naked selfies, from women of all ages and shapes, from all over the world. Well worth the membership fee.

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