Bettina Rheims ~ The Book of Olga

Bettina Rheims’ fascinating portraiture of Russian socialite Olga Rodionova is now available for pre-order at a more accessible price than the previously available limited edition. Order it now at

Russian oligarch + fearless spouse + French photographer = SEXY!
Olga Rodionova is a renowned beauty among Moscow’s fashionable jet-set. When her husband, a powerful Russian oligarch, decided to commission her nude photo-portrait, he turned to internationally acclaimed French photographer Bettina Rheims. It was an unusual request for an artist of Rheims’ stature but, inspired by Olga’s charisma, Rheims set up a shoot in her own country house, creating a series of provocative, intimate images that transcend mere pornography. Delighted by the results, Olga’s husband proposed a book project with Olga as its subject. A second shoot followed, with sado-masochistic props and male and female partners playing sex games with Olga. A third, inspired by Marie-Antoinette, took place entirely in the studio. The result is The Book of Olga, a refreshingly bold, modern and fearless celebration of female beauty, fantasy and sensuality. With over 100 images, and an introduction by controversial French author Catherine Millet, this unique book is both a love poem, and a powerful artistic statement. Following its phenomenal success and media coverage, now available in this trade hardcover edition!
About the Author

Publisher: Taschen
Hardcover: 256 pages

Link: Bettina Rheims: The Book of Olga (hardcover edition)
Link: Bettina Rheims: The Book of Olga (Limited Edition)



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