LaChapelle: Heaven to Hell

One of my 23534 all-time favourite photographers, David Lachapelle has a new book out, which according to the press release “calls into question our relationship with gender, glamour, and status” and “inverts the consumption he appears to celebrate, pointing instead to apocalyptic consequences for humanity itself.. while referencing and acknowledging diverse sources such as the Renaissance, art history, cinema, The Bible, pornography, and the new globalized pop culture”

He achieves all this monumental sociological upheaval and critque by making some very pretty images featuring some very pretty celebrities, including bjork, angelina jolie and courtney love – who yet again theatrically milks her status as the martyred widow, by dressing as the virgin mary and cradling a kurt cobain look-alike Jesus.
link: David Lachapelle – Heaven to Hell



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